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  L & Lam Property Agency Limitedwas established in June 2006, in Shop 28A on the 5th floor of Sceneway Plaza. In the early days of establishment, it was led by several senior specialists with more than ten years of experience. With the selfless loyalty of our employees and the strong support of various neighborhoods, the company was able to open a second branch at Shop 302, 4th Floor, in Sceneway Plaza in March 2007, allowing our reliable professional services to expand from Sceneway Garden to Lam Tin District and Yau Tong District, allowing inhabitants in these two districts to access our services easily. In order to expand the scope of our services, the company opened a branch in Laguna City Phase I shopping centre at No. 52, 1st Floor, in August 2010, and once again moved closer to Laguna City and the Yau Tong neighborhood, to gain a deeper understanding of the company. In June 2014, it was relocated from the former site of Shop 52 of Phase I shopping centre of Laguna City to Shop 67-67A on the first floor of the main channel location of Phase I shopping centre, which is more convenient for the neighborhoods.
  Various neighborhoods voted to support the company’s participation in the 2011 SME Series organized by the "Metro Finance Channel"-[Best SMEs Property Agency Awards]. They helped our company to be elected as the "Lam Tin District-Best Small to Medium-sized Regional Property Agency" award by a landslide! Recognition and encouragement from the market has made all colleagues of the company understand that the easiest way of receiving hospitality from the public is to to adhere to a loyal and honest attitude towards our clients.
  L & Lam Property Agency Limitedhas always implemented an altruistic and loyal attitude of "customer first", and is committed to providing customers with a perfect one- stop service, and is committed to providing all types of customers with all relevant property market evaluation analysis research, including: residential and industrial buildings, commercial buildings, merchant shops, factories, parking spaces, village houses, overseas properties, etc. We strive for perfection, and help customers solve various problems when buying or selling properties, including name change and application services, mortgage loans, property valuation, mortgage insurance, property legal inquiries, interior design and home maintenance services, etc. A specially assigned specialist will be specially assigned to our guest for follow-ups, to better understand their needs.
  The management of the company insists that the employees get the feeling of "three feelings, two meanings" in the service process. The three meanings: happy, reassured, and peace of mind, and the two meanings: sincerity, satisfaction.
  The company has a good network of partners in various districts of the industry and our colleagues of the company with different property transaction experiences will definitely help you choose the right one.
  We hope to expand to all districts in the near future, letting us wholeheartedly provide more professional and better services to our customers, so that customers in each district will deepen their understanding and experience our professional and reliable service attitude and to feel "three feelings, two meanings ".
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